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Smokey: The Very Loud Purring Cat

Media sensation "Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat", tells the tale of her rise to fame as a Guinness World Records holder as the cat with the loudest purr! Her purr got her TV appearances on ABC News, NBC News and the BBC World Service, Daybreak! While Smokey had lived in many homes and finally found Ruth Adams and her family, it was during a promotion of the local branch of Cats Protection that her loud purr caught the attention of local media. The rest is history, and told by Smokey (with Ruth's help!) in her new book. The book is available through Amazon.com in both print and Kindle editions.

Learn About the Life of Cats in Colombia, South America

Cats and cat lovers from Colombia celebrate these fabulous felines lives in their premier magazine "Feline Life Magazine" (or in Columbian it is called "Vida Felina"). . It's the first magazine in Colombia and South America exclusively dedicated to cats dedicated to growing and strengthening the feline culture in the country and the region. Each issue offers readers topics such as: different cat breeds, articles on nutrition, behavior, health and beauty, tips for owners and breeders, and more. In addition the publication supports different foundations to help cats and other animals, and includes stories about feline exhibitions taking place in Colombia. To learn more about the publication visit www.revistavidafelina.com

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