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School of History

Museums around the world have paintings, mummified cats, and other artifacts from ancient times that show the cat played a large role as family members. Here you can explore the role the cat has played in history – from ancient Egypt to modern times -- and the development of the individual breeds plus those breeds that have vanished in the past. Learn about the myths and folklore surrounding the cat, the people who love them, and the development of the modern cat fancy. And come back often as we add new material frequently!

Famous Cat Lovers Throughout Time

The first recorded illustrations of cats as pets were found in the Egyptian tombs. Since then cats have played an important role in the lives of many famous people. Click here to read more about some of these cat lovers.

Key Figures in the Cat Fancy

The organized cat fancy is over a century old. There are key people who have developed it to its current state. Here we examine some of those people and their impact on the cat fancy.

The Australian: A Lost Breed

Through newspapers and journals of the time we get fascinating glimpses of the past. These reports give us tantalizing mentions of breeds that have vanished from the modern day cat fancy. Here you can learn more about these vanished breeds.

Historical Videos

We are fortunate that British Pathé has made video clips from their news reel available on-line. Take a step back to yesteryear and enjoy these cat show clips. Highlights of each are listed.

How England's First Feline Show Countered Victorian Snobbery About Cats

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