Welcome to TICA University, the favorite school for finicky felines around the world and the largest school of feline educational courses and cat information. You are welcome to visit our schools and stroll our beautiful campus - watch out for Harry, he's the absent-minded cat physics instructor-and learn about cats and kittens! TICA U was founded by The International Cat Association, the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats and the first registry of household pets. ENROLL TODAY!

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School of Art

Visit our Art School to learn about cats in all kinds of artistic media as well as the painters and photographers that capture the essence of them. Check out our favorite photo of the week. Get some tips on photographing your own cats. Find out about cats in special art forms like Netsuke and the Lucky Cats from Japan. Explore the cards & ephemera from the past.

Understanding symbolism in Japan’s Maneki Neko or lucky cats.

Maneki Neko, or lucky cats, have been around for centuries. You see them everywhere these days, not just in Japan. But did you ever wonder about the differences between them and the fortune they were bringing to their owners? Read on to find out all about these special artistic charms.

Artists Who Love Cats As Their Subjects

Cats have always been a favorite subject of artists for centuries. Today, there are still many artists who love to paint, photograph or draw cats, and The Society of Feline Artists (SOFA) is dedicated to capturing the beauty of all kinds of felines, large and small. Click here to take a stroll through their online gallery of members and their works.

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